Shifting Our Focus

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Just recently, I was asked to lead a season of prayer over a group of staff members and leadership who were gathered together for a very brief but important time of focusing on the year ahead. These were the women (and at least one man!) who are responsible for the Women’s Choice Network, a pro-life organization that has been serving our Pittsburgh community for nearly 35 years.

As the Director of the ministry was outlining the implications of the unfiltered and unapologetic far-left executive orders that would immediately impact at least eight critical areas of women’s care and the choice to carry a baby full of potential and destiny into their place in this world.

Even though the picture that was being painted was quite bleak in both it’s breadth and it’s depth of de-constructing the existing pro-life safeguards which had been championed by the previous administration, I noticed an interesting and tangible energy and even strength rising up in the people in attendance. You see, when faced with a seemingly impossible challenge which no human strength or strategy can directly overcome, we must shift our focus to what the Holy Spirit promises that He can do in such seemingly hopeless circumstances because all authority in heaven and earth has been given to the Son Jesus who ministers through this same Holy Spirit.

This same principle is true whether it be for ministry, personal challenges, the direction of our government or elected officials at every level; and even in things such as competition, sports, career or educational choices and family relationships.

What happened over the next 30-45 minutes or so, was deeply encouraging to everyone who was there to participate. When we affirm that we are powerless on our own to overcome the obstacles before us and yet we are not willing to surrender to those forces but rather to trust God to see us through them, it ignites something of hope and possibility in the human heart.

If the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, overcoming the absolute worst defeat anyone could imagine, then what is possible through us who live by that same Spirit? (Romans 8:11)

This is not to say that the days ahead are going to be free from opposition, setbacks and spiritual warfare; as has been true for the people of God for the last four plus millenia as described in scripture. However, for those who hold closely to the promises of God in His word, the support and encouragement of a group or team of believers around you and most important, the daily and fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit and His presence in every circumstance, the message is clear: you will prevail!

I left the time that night aware of the courage and risk taking that these people were stepping into, but I was also more aware of their deep confidence in God based on His history of covering them in years past and most especially on His promise never to fail or forsake them.

Whatever you might be facing, please take these thoughts to heart and the example of this small but very committed band of believers who are laying down their lives for the lives of the unborn and the people who are profoundly intertwined with them.


Pastor Jay

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