Avoiding the Pitfalls

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One of the unforeseen consequences of the final few weeks of the Trump presidency and the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States has been the rather harsh and sometimes dismissive reaction from friends and even family members who supported Mr. Biden and most of the democratic candidates.

I’ve had a handful of friends that have simply stopped communicating and most unsettling were a few family members who communicated, but did so with a rather critical tone wondering “How could we possibly have even considered supporting Mr. Trump?”

It’s not often that I get involved in political matters to the point where they become problematic with my close relationships, and to be honest, I didn’t really see this coming. However, I also found it difficult to respond briefly and was frustrated at my inability to concisely express why I held my positions and to do so without flipping the page and pointing out the most obvious shortcomings and flaws of the alternative candidates and positions on everything from moral values to hypocrisy that was so underplayed by the media but obvious to anyone who looked below the surface on issues such as “civil unrest” and governmental mandates and policies.

I took a studied look at my brother Glenn’s response to one such dear family member and realized how he had avoided the pitfalls that I hadn’t, and I submit them here for those of you who might just need to have a couple of unemotional, yet surgically precise reasons why you may have held differing opinions to your friends and/or loved ones. Here’s his response.

“Good morning…, out of respect for you, I am responding to your email regarding the election. You asked how I could support former President Trump.

The answer is really quite simple. I take a biblical view on elections and candidates. Neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Biden were very good candidates. However, Mr. Trump was pro-life and pro-Israel and he demonstrated this during the four years he was in office. Mr. Biden and the democrats are pro-abortion and are either pro-Palestine or do not actively support Israel.

The Bible says God hates those who shed innocent blood and there’s no doubt that killing the unborn is an abomination before Him that will not go unpunished. America is in deep trouble with God if we do not repent and change our ways, and soon.

Beyond this, the Bible says that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Israel is the apple of God’s eye and supporting them helps to keep us in God’s favor. I want a president who openly supports Israel.

There are other points I could make, but just these two are enough. (Because they represent eternal truth as revealed in God’s Word.)

Wishing you a good 2021.”

My family member responded to this explanation quite positively. I sense that the key is to eliminate the emotional hot button issues and events of the past few years, and especially the past months, that inevitably lead to rather extreme reactions no matter how well articulated or defensible they may seem to you.

My prayer for our new president and his administration is that they will find success in bringing some measure of unity and reconciliation amongst all Americans, and they must do so with their actions, not just their words. If they’re able to do that, then perhaps the Lord will “open our souls instead of hardening our hearts” as our new president encouraged all Americans to do in his inaugural address.

In succeeding weeks let’s all recommit ourselves to humbly and with repentance come before the Lord on behalf of our nation and call upon the mercy of God that we might reclaim our place in redemptive history.

Sincere blessings,

Pastor Jay

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