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With all that’s going on in the political world in these days, let alone the ongoing pandemic news which seems to change daily, I wanted to take an opportunity to give you something uplifting and potentially very encouraging to celebrate with us.

This coming Tuesday, 1/21/21, we will be officially releasing the culmination of a three year project recounting in some detail how the Lord moved in the hearts of approximately nine couples some 40 years ago this very month to launch a new church in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.

At the time, we had no idea of the blessing that would be upon our efforts and the cumulative impact of what God has done through the ministry of North Way Christian Community. It’s a particular blessing to me that the primary author of the book, Alexander Hettinger, is a member of North Way Oakland, and the publisher, Paul Spencer likewise has attended North Way Oakland for nearly 10 years. 16 different people contributed to the text of the book and told the stories of scores of others that have been touched by the Lord in some personal way through the lives and ministry of our church family.

Lead Pastor, Dave D’Angelo, did an excellent 30 plus minute video interview of Alex and me which will be broadcast on 1/21/21 at or North Way Christian Community on You Tube. We go into quite a bit more detail in that interview about how the book came into being, what we hope it will mean to the lives of not just our members but many others who read it, and most important, how we know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord has been in this entire experience from day one!

We’ve attached a press release from our publisher, Paul Spencer, who gives you a few more details and explains just how we worked together in order to fulfill this vision and put it into the hands of every North Way family and anyone who may desire a copy for friends and other family members. By the way, the book will be available through all bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Riverstone Books and most any independent bookseller. It’s also available on Amazon, but it’s important when you ask for the book to use the full title, “12121: The Story of North Way Christian Community”

My prayer is that the Lord will stir many people as they read these page to believe that God has placed dreams and ideas in each of their lives that He wants to fulfill and that nothing is impossible when we are willing to step out and risk the security of what we have been used to doing in life and partner with others in community in order to experience the power of the Holy Spirit to bring it to pass. It’s not just a story about one church and it’s history, it’s also meant to be an encouragement to every other work the Lord has purposed to build His kingdom.

Pastor Jay

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