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I recently released a new book entitled Seamless Succession. It answers the need for clear thinking and proven Biblical principles that the Church can implement in a season of leadership transition, based on my own succession process at North Way Christian Community. Seamless Succession identifies and discusses seven principles that leaders can follow to dramatically improve the likelihood and longevity of a successful transition. It offers a detailed plan with proven concepts for effective transition planning and implementation, proving that the succession process can be a catalyst for overall growth, furthering the end goal ‘to make disciples of all nations’.

Passavant leadership Group goes far beyond what can be learned in any book to partner with pastors, churches and ministries to help them through the succession process as well as many other leadership and creative issues. With over 135 years of ministry leadership involvement, our staff has a wealth of experience to help churches of any size or denomination.

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Restraining Impulse, Embracing Grace


In the current climate of almost daily confrontations with words of division, unusual declarations, limiting of personal freedoms, etc., etc., there’s a part in most every one of us that wants to react with our impulse. Impulse is not necessarily right or wrong, but it is more a trait of our natural life than our […]

Remembering Priority One


In these days of intense concern about personal health, economic balance if not survival, limitations on some of our personal freedoms and most especially a very divided nation concerning the upcoming political elections it’s easy to lose sight of our number one focus as followers of Christ. Even though there is absolutely nothing inappropriate about […]

Prayer is Surging


It’s undeniable. In almost every place where I am able to have an exchange with other folks who I know to be believers, the conversation almost always comes around to the issue of what’s happening in prayer in these days. Although much of the prayer may have been initially sparked by the invasion of the […]

Beware of the Caves


The Bible has numerous references to caves as hiding places, occasionally a place of refuge, and in some places, a final resting place. In today’s culture, it is not difficult to draw parallels between the somewhat imposed and somewhat default posture of many sincere people, including believers, who have made decisions to stay in their […]

Defeating Discouragement


Although all of us seem to have our “good days” and “bad days,” there’s one very dangerous trap that we must avoid at all costs if we are to walk in the blessing of God. The enemy’s favorite weapon to use against those who would seek to honor the Lord with their life, their decisions […]

An Uncommon Gift


One of the hidden blessings of this difficult season that we are all navigating in our culture and our individual lives, is that many are finding that the Lord is not withholding His precious gifts to us. Last week we looked at the gift of “refreshment and rest” in Matthew 11:28-30. Jesus described Himself as […]

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