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I recently released a new book entitled Seamless Succession. It answers the need for clear thinking and proven Biblical principles that the Church can implement in a season of leadership transition, based on my own succession process at North Way Christian Community. Seamless Succession identifies and discusses seven principles that leaders can follow to dramatically improve the likelihood and longevity of a successful transition. It offers a detailed plan with proven concepts for effective transition planning and implementation, proving that the succession process can be a catalyst for overall growth, furthering the end goal ‘to make disciples of all nations’.

Passavant leadership Group goes far beyond what can be learned in any book to partner with pastors, churches and ministries to help them through the succession process as well as many other leadership and creative issues. With over 135 years of ministry leadership involvement, our staff has a wealth of experience to help churches of any size or denomination.

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the Journey… is the End …!


In a recent update I specifically shared about the “Journey of Healing” that I embarked upon a little over four months ago when an unexpected X-ray revealed that cancerous cells had invaded my lungs totally unexpectedly and without symptoms. There are a lot of details to that dimension of my journey, but I also believe […]

Defeating Isolation


One of the least talked about “symptoms” of cancer treatment and for that matter, many other serious afflictions, is a tendency toward isolation.  Given the severity of the symptoms of the disease, let alone those of the medical cures, isolation becomes very understandable.  Many people just don’t want to be seen by others as they […]

How We Think About Prayer


Over the past several weeks, as I tend to be spending more and more time in prayer, it has occurred to me that there are so many different aspects and understandings of how prayer actually “works”. It seems that both in the life of Jesus as revealed in the gospels, and of the teachings throughout […]

Humbled by Perspective


This past Monday in the late afternoon, we had some very welcome visitors. Emmanuel and Allison Pothen from India, along with their two children Karis and Nico, stopped by our home accompanied by Emmanuel’s sister Grace. Although I usually spend some time with Emmanuel on an annual basis, because of a number of factors, it […]

The Overlooked Blessing of Intercession


To the many of you who kindly subscribe to this blog, I do apologize up front for the somewhat spotty messaging over the past number of weeks. It’s not been because of a lack of desire, but honestly, an overwhelming number of personal and health related items that I’ve had to address rather directly. One […]

An Unexpected Curve in Life’s Journey


Dear Friends, Let me begin by apologizing for the rather extended delays between blog posts over the past number of weeks. I was reluctant to give any general information out about the situation that we have been personally confronting with regards to my health until we knew what all the facts (medically speaking) were so […]

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