Warning Lights

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Just a couple weeks ago, I was headed out for a relatively short ride when an unexpected “warning light” came on on my dashboard.  When I had a chance to look a little more carefully at what the light indicated I realized that I had neglected to check one of the important fluids in my car’s engine.  I wasn’t in “danger” quite yet, but I needed to pay some attention to what was going on internally.

In circles of people who are mechanical, they’re always checking their car for most anything that needs attention such as oil, tire pressure, radiator coolant, etc., etc.  In fact, those folks call the warning lights by a term that reveals something about the driver:  they call them “idiot lights”!  (Said another way, when you let things get that far out of wack you’re not paying as much attention as you should to the needs of your car.)

It might be a little bit of a stretch for some of us, but I believe that God has given us a number of warning lights when something that we should be paying attention to has been neglected.  One such warning light in my life is when I recognize that I’ve begun to worry about a certain circumstance, decision, or perhaps a need or a relationship.  Worry means that I have somehow not given proper attention to something that God wants to deal with in my life.  In fact, in His Word He directly exhorts us to “forsake your worries!” (Matthew 6:31)  When worry sets in you can be sure that it’s because you’ve neglected to invite the Lord to deal with the situation and to provide the necessary resources to see that situation brought to resolution.

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus goes into significant detail about some of the physical things which we all tend to worry about; food, clothing, what we drink, etc.  I think all of those can be extrapolated into more complex issues in our life but at their core they are just like these basic essentials.  They are things for which God gives us promises that if held onto by faith, will bring all the resources of God to bear on whatever need has caused the worry to encroach upon our lives.

I’m in no way minimizing just how real worry can be and just how damaging some of the effects of worry can be on our relationships, our peace of mind and even our physical bodies.  Some people worry so intensely that they can release an inordinate amount of acid into their system which causes an ulcer or some other physical manifestation that brings genuine pain.  Strangely enough, we’ve just added another thing to worry about!

That’s why the exhortation of Jesus in His first major public teaching of the Sermon on the Mount could not be more clear.

“So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s Kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from Him.  Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.  Refuse to worry about tomorrow, but deal with each challenge that comes your way, one day at a time.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.”  Matthew 6:33-34 TPT

In these few short sentences, the Lord gives us His solution to the issue of worry.  “Refuse to worry,” says Jesus and “all these things will be provided to you in abundance!”  I have found that the key to getting beyond worry is to pursue the things that God promises:  to seek His face, to seek His righteousness and His Kingdom rule, and it’s not long before you recognize that whatever it is that’s tripped on the “warning light” of worry in your life, God has an answer for it.  I see the many promises of His Word as messages from Him which are simply saying ‘I know what’s going on in your life and I’ve made provision for you to handle it.’

If that’s the case, choose to focus your thoughts and your prayers on God’s abilities, His promises, and His love for you.  What you’ll find in God’s due time is that all the warning lights will go off . . . and every day will take care of itself.


Pastor Jay

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2 thoughts on “Warning Lights

  1. Dr. Sherry Ifft

    As always, Pastor Jay, you make the Word so clear and simple and right to the point in our real lives. You truly have a gift for writing these blogs. Keep up the good work. You can take such a simple thing as the warning light on your car to turn it into a significant message to each one of us personally. Love you you and Carol in Christ.

  2. Mrs.Dallas Pipes

    This message was the most important one for me at this time in my life.My husband is in a memory care home because of Alzheimers.If he had stayed home with me his temperament becomes angry and I likely would not have physically been safe.The police helped me make that decision when I called them to help me .I have prayed about that decision,and know it was right,but I miss what our relationship had been before Alzheimers took him from me.

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