My Master Passion

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Over the past weeks, I have been giving much thought to this one question — what is the one thing about which I am most passionate?

Like everyone else, I have many interests, many sources of discovery, enjoyment and fulfillment!  But this very unique time of “social distancing,” or in it’s true sense “voluntary isolation,” has really allowed the Lord to shine His light most brightly on this question:  now that many of these “lesser things” are on hold, perhaps not even available to me, what is truly my master passion?  What do I desire more than anything else?

For most of us, we’ve already matured to the place where we know that our ruling passion is not to be found in “things” no matter how beautiful, exciting or inspiring they may be.  Money and all it may provide is a “lesser master.”  (See Matthew 6:24)  Things are not inherently wrong, but they must never rule us, never be what we think about, desire and pursue more than our master passion.

For others, maybe something far higher such as family, friendships, teamwork, success in one’s chosen career, sacrifice, service, giving to others or even a ministry of the Lord; but still, none of these should rule us.  None of these should become the highest and most dominant focus of our lives.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re not susceptible to these distractions.  They are all good things and therefore seem to be worthy of being our master passion, but they are not!

I’ve come under great conviction that the constant assault on our minds and senses with all of these lesser things tends to eventually dull what is revealed in scripture as our highest and unchanging master passion.  “We make it our life’s passion to live our lives pleasing to Him.” 2 Corinthians 5:9b

This is not a weekly exercise when we gather to worship with others, or in our small group experiences in homes and other locations, nor even in our daily devotions; but rather it is a moment by moment experience – born of the conscious awareness that the Holy Spirit lives in us and will reveal to us what the Lord desires in every decision, every conversation or exchange, every relationship, every pursuit, what is pleasing to Him!

There is a level of relationship, communion with the Lord, that this commitment opens to us that far exceeds whatever sacrifice, whatever discipline, it may seem to take.

In the end, my life is not about “me” any longer, it is about Him, knowing Jesus, being one with Him, in this life and forever.

With all of my heart I desire that by grace this will be my master passion.

Pastor Jay

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